Official Calls for Leading Liquidities towards Petchem Development

Official Calls for Leading Liquidities towards Petchem Development
(Monday, December 21, 2020) 01:58

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The Deputy Chairman of the Energy Committee of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce said: "The petrochemical industry supports the production of domestic industries, and in the development of this leading industry, we must move towards attracting new investments to achieve balanced and sustainable growth in the sector."

Behzad Mohaghegh told NIPNA: "Considering the importance of this industry, liquidity should be directed towards the development of the petrochemical industry, and given the position of this industry in the economy, people's trust should be attracted and liquidity guided towards the development of this industry.”

"We must help the development of this industry by attracting new investments, and despite some countries not honoring their commitments, Iran is on a favorable direction in the field of oil and petrochemicals, with the measures taken to produce and export the produced items.”

Mohaghegh said that the importance of completing the value chain in order to reduce the sale of raw materials is not hidden from anyone, adding the conditions of this industry should be designed to enter the global competitive market more than before. Iran has a lot to say in this industry and will not be easily removed from the market.”

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