PRTC Signs 15 Deals with KBCs

PRTC Signs 15 Deals with KBCs
(Monday, December 21, 2020) 02:02

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (PRTC) said his company has inked 15 cooperation agreements with knowledge-based companies (KBCs) to use the capacity of these companies, especially in the supply of equipment in addition to technical knowhow.

Addressing a ceremony on Wednesday to mark the Research Week and appreciate the selected petrochemical research and technology companies, Ali Pajouhan said: “Development of technical knowhow for production of petrochemical products, development of technical savvy of petrochemical catalysts, development of technical knowhow of strategic chemicals and solving unit problems are some of the major goals of PRTC.”

He underlined the numerous downstream workshops, 10 laboratories, 25 pilot machines, more than 50 set-ups and bench machines in three centers of Tehran, Arak and Mahshahr as some of the infrastructures at the disposal of PRTC, adding: "Demoplents are one of the unique equipment of this collection which are the most important and included HDPE, PET, MTP and PP ones.”

The PRTC CEO noted the registration of 250 patents by PRTC, saying: “The most important patent that has been registered recently is the PVM patent or MTP, which has been registered in the European Union.”

He pointed to 40 major catalysts in the petrochemical industry, of which 10 are polymer and the rest are non-polymeric.

"Currently, 17 catalysts are fully localized and used in the industry, and by the end of the calendar year of 1400 (which begins on March 21), another 16 are planned to be localized," he said. “The other 13 categories are used in small quantities, which are being researched and developed, and have numerous manufacturers, high accessibility, and in some cases, non-economical for production.”

The CEO of the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company emphasized: “By the end of next [calendar] year, the important and strategic catalysts of the petrochemical industry will be completely localized.”

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