MP Voices Parliament Support for Petchem Industry

MP Voices Parliament Support for Petchem Industry
(Tuesday, December 29, 2020) 22:32

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Iranian Parliament voiced the body’s support for the development of the petrochemical industry.


In an interview with NIPNA on the day of the petrochemical industry, Mohammad Reza Poorebrahimi said: "Petrochemical industries can create a lot of value added resources for the country by preventing the sale of crude oil."

In response to the question whether it is not possible to use petrochemicals to prevent the sale of crude oil, the MP said: "100%. The more we can prevent crude oil and gas sales and turn them into value added items domestically, the more benefits will go back to the whole country.”

Poorebrahimi emphasized: "Fortunately, in the field of petrochemicals, in recent years, very good capacity building has been done and we see that despite the fact that oil has been sanctioned, our trade balance has not been negative, which is the result of the petrochemical industry playing a role to fight these sanctions. This indicates the high capacity of the petrochemical industry, which can replace oil. The difference with oil is that they basically create value added items.”

The head of the Economic Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly added: "We are sanctioned in the field of oil sales, but we are not sanctioned in products, and if we are sanctioned, its restrictions are not as great as oil."
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