Iran to End French Monopoly on "Reformate" Catalyst

Iran to End French Monopoly on "Reformate" Catalyst
(Friday, February 26, 2021) 18:36

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of Noori Petrochemical Plant referring to an agreement with Iranian knowledge-based companies to localize the catalyst of "CCR" units, announced setting of a new record in production of aromatic items by his company.

Taghi Sanei told reporters on the sidelines of a specialized event on support for domestic manufacturing, underlined signing of a contract to develop one of the most widely used catalysts in the aromatic industry with Iranian knowledge-based companies, adding catalyst manufacturing of CCR units have been entrusted to domestic companies.

He stated that the catalyst is used in reforming units and its manufacturing and supply is monopolized by French companies, including Exxon, and added: "By manufacturing this catalyst, risk reduction and production stability will be ensured in Noori Petrochemical Plant."

The CEO of Noori Petrochemical Company stated that currently 6 catalysts out of the eight ones used in Noori Petrochemical Plant have been Iranianized.

Sanei further said that a committee has been formed in the company for identifying strategic items for local supply, and added that so far building over 3,500 items has been localized in the facility.

Elsewhere in his address, he said that the plant’s output was expected to reach 4.8 million tons by March 20 which would be regarded as a historic record in production of aromatic items in the country.

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