Ghadir Petchem Plant Boosts PVC Output by 3,000 Tons/Month

Ghadir Petchem Plant Boosts PVC Output by 3,000 Tons/Month
(Saturday, December 4, 2021) 16:51

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- With the adoption of macro policies to remove production bottlenecks, Ghadir Petrochemical Complex has raised its PVC output by 3,000 tons per month.

According to Shasta Media, implementation of the project to remove production bottlenecks in the reactors of Ghadir Petrochemical Complex in the new management era of the facility, has led to an increased in production of "PVC" (polyvinyl chloride), a product that is in great demand in the market these days, by 3,000 tons per month, which will cause Ghadir's daily production to exceed 100% of its nominal capacity.

This is while for the first time in the last five years, cleaning operation of the seven main reactors of the "PVC" production line of Ghadir Petrochemical Company were carried out successfully using domestic facilities and capacities which is equivalent to $6m per months in costs saving in the company.

It should be noted that PVC is a very widely used plastic currently used as one of the most valuable products in the petrochemical industry in the construction sector.

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