Karoon Petchem Plant Unveils Technological Item

Karoon Petchem Plant Unveils Technological Item
(Wednesday, September 7, 2022) 14:28

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Karoon Petrochemical Company has unveiled its fifth knowledge-based product, in cooperation with a knowledge-based company, which can save $10 million by meeting domestic needs.

The unveiling ceremony of the new KLM100-C product of Karoon Petrochemical Company as the 19th product from the product mix and the 5th knowledge-based product of this company was held on Wednesday.

The item was unveiled in the premises of Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (PGPIC) and was developed in collaboration with Kimia Mana Polymer Company.

Alireza Sedighizadeh, the CEO of Karoon Petrochemical Company, stated in this ceremony: “According to estimates, the domestic market demand for this product is about 4,000 tons, and Karoon Petrochemical Company has the capability to supply all this amount if the demand is announced.”

He emphasized: “Currently, each ton of this product brings about $2,500 into the country, and including these 4,000 tons, about $10 million will be saved.”

The CEO of Karon Petrochemical Company, noting that the item is used for laminate adhesives, and is mostly used in the food packaging system, added: “With the unveiling of this product, the country will no longer need to import this adhesive.”

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