PGPIC CEO Underlines Role of Petchem Parks in Creation of Value

PGPIC CEO Underlines Role of Petchem Parks in Creation of Value
(Monday, November 7, 2022) 13:28

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (PGPIC) said that with the launch of petrochemical parks, the slogan of the year (production, knowledge-based activities and job-creation) will be realized in the true sense.

During a televised interview on Sunday evening, Abdul Ali Ali Askari said the petrochemical industry is one of the advantages of Iran and if the development of this industry gets the desired attention, it can be a source of wealth for the country, adding: “In the world's petrochemical industry, the focus is on the downstream sectors of this industry. For example, Germany annually exports more than $60 billion worth of products in the downstream sector. In total, there is currently a $3 trillion market in the downstream petrochemical sector in the world, and unfortunately, Iran's share of this market is insignificant.”

He clarified: “The high-ranking officials of the system emphasize prevention of crude oil sales in the petrochemical industry and demand more activity in the downstream sector of this industry and PGPIC has stepped in the downstream and petrochemical parks sector to fulfill this wish.”

The PGPIC CEO emphasized that Iran needs more work in the downstream field of the petrochemical industry, and said: “If petrochemical parks and their complementary industries are developed, Iran's petrochemical revenues will increase by tens of billions of dollars.”

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