Arvand Petchem Plant Installs Localized Liquid Ring Compressors

Arvand Petchem Plant Installs Localized Liquid Ring Compressors
(Sunday, December 4, 2022) 16:25

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The liquid ring compressors of Arvand Petrochemical Company were localized by knowledge-based companies by reverse engineering method, relying on local experts.

According to Arvand Petrochemical Company, these compressors, which are responsible for creating a vacuum and aeration in various processes for filtration and discharging gas and steam mixtures for drying, play a critical and vital role in the production process of CA, S-PVC, EDC, VCM units of Arvand Petrochemical Plant.

According to the announcement of the manufacturing committee in Arvand Petrochemical Company, due to the sensitivity of this equipment in maintaining the continuity of production and taking into account the increase in breakdowns of the mentioned devices, it was also not possible to purchase spare parts from the main manufacturers due to unilateral sanctions against the petrochemical industry of our country, Arvand Petrochemical Company, trusting domestic companies, managed to manufacture the required spare parts and compressors by reverse engineering method, and after installing the mentioned devices in the complex, their performance was evaluated as favorable.

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