MOP Releases 5th Call for Evaluation of Tenderers

MOP Releases 5th Call for Evaluation of Tenderers
(Monday, May 8, 2023) 12:44

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- - The Iranian Ministry of Petroleum has issued the 5th call for the evaluation of tenderers' qualifications, aiming to harness the capabilities of domestic manufacturers, establish a comprehensive information database, and expedite the supply of essential items and equipment in a competitive environment.

This initiative comes in response to the repeated and extensive demands from manufacturing and supplying companies within the Ministry of Petroleum.

The Deputy of Engineering of the Ministry of Petroleum highlighted that all domestic manufacturers and suppliers are eligible to register on the Fava Naft Saba Kish website. To begin the registration process, interested parties must obtain a 5-digit membership code (Irancode) from the website and provide the required tokens and electronic certificates. Subsequently, they can access the Ministry of Petroleum's electronic supply system portal at, enter the necessary information, and complete the self-declaration questionnaire form.

The Ministry of Petroleum's Research and Technology division, in line with its commitment to supporting domestic manufacturers and creating an extensive information repository, has compiled a long list of qualified entities based on their capabilities and performance. By adhering to the established tender regulations, the central body of the Ministry of Petroleum has now published the fifth call for the evaluation of bidders' qualifications.

To assist in the process, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone line with the number +9821-61627880 has been made available to address any system-related issues. Once the final registration and completed forms are issued, any subsequent updates will require permission from the central authority at the aforementioned address. It is crucial for companies to ensure thorough completion of the relevant forms, as they serve as the criteria for qualification and rating evaluation.

To expedite the self-declaration process, all domestic manufacturers and suppliers are encouraged to consult the "Supplier Guide" section on the website. Essential documents, permits, certificates, and evaluation criteria for resource qualification, along with their respective weightage, can be found in the tender information base and the central organization's website.

It is important to note that only resources that have completed at least one registered and issued questionnaire with the relevant product will be eligible for evaluation. Resources that have yet to complete the self-declaration process will not be considered for assessment.

As per Article 3, Clause C of the Executive Regulations of Article 26, Clause A of the Tendering Law, the validity period for evaluating the competence of manufacturer and supplier resources will be two years from the date of inclusion in the central body's long list.

The central office for document submissions is located at 4th Floor, General Department of Technology Supply and Commercialization System, 6th Central Building of Iran National Oil Company, No. 523, Hafez St., Karimkhan Zand St., Tehran, postal code 1598714513.

The specialized fields for qualification assessment encompass all areas relevant to the upstream and downstream industries of oil, gas, refining, distribution, and petrochemicals, both onshore and offshore. The deadline for receiving and delivering qualification evaluation documents will span from May 10th 2023 to March 18th 2024.

The central body, under the supervision of the Deputy of Engineering, Research, and Technology Affairs of the Ministry of Petroleum, will evaluate resources based on the latest edition of the instructions for assessing the competence and rating of manufacturers and suppliers (the central body's long list).

The results of the self-declaration qualification evaluation and document completion will be published on the national tender information database and the website of the central body of the Ministry of Petroleum no later than December.

This latest call for evaluating tenderers' qualifications by the Ministry of Petroleum reflects the ministry's ongoing commitment to supporting domestic manufacturers and streamlining the procurement process. With the objective of maximizing the utilization of local capabilities and resources, the ministry aims to enhance efficiency and competitiveness in the supply of essential items and equipment.

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