IranPlast Exhibition: A Manifestation of Coordination and Synergy in Polymer Value Chain

IranPlast Exhibition: A Manifestation of Coordination and Synergy in Polymer Value Chain
(Sunday, September 17, 2023) 09:21

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The Director of Planning and Development at the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) emphasized that the IranPlast Exhibition is a clear representation of coordination and synergy within the polymer value chain.

He stated that this significant event can effectively contribute to the realization of the strategy to complete the value chain in the petrochemical industry.

In an interview with Nipna, Hassan Abbaszadeh highlighted that Iran's petrochemical industry, with nearly half a century of experience, holds a special place in the national economy. He remarked that the production capacity of petrochemical products has now reached over 92 million tons per year.

Abbaszadeh further added that petrochemical products are categorized into five main groups: polymers, base and chemicals, aromatics, fertilizers, feedstock, and fuels, boasting a desirable level of diversity.

However, he pointed out that polymer products occupy such a prominent position that some experts solely associate the petrochemical industry with polymer production.

The Director of Planning and Development at NPC continued, listing polyethylenes, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene terephthalate, and synthetic rubber as the most significant polymer products in the petrochemical industry.

Abbaszadeh affirmed, "The National Petrochemical Company, as a developmental vanguard, with a genuine understanding of the value of polymers and their role in people's lives, has always been striving to increase polymer production in the country through various means and expertise, catering to the needs of downstream petrochemical industries."

He also highlighted that one of the main missions of development organizations is "business alignment," wherein focusing on a specific industry and resolving challenges among its stakeholders contributes significantly to the prosperity of a vital sector of the economy.

Regarding the plastic industry in Iran, Abbaszadeh noted, "The plastic industry in our country almost emerged simultaneously with the petrochemical industry and has now matured significantly. The quality of its products is at a desirable level, and a substantial quantity of plastic products is exported annually after meeting domestic demands."

Discussing the polymer value chain, he pointed out that on one side, petrochemical companies produce polymers, while on the other, downstream industries consume the domestically produced polymers. However, he emphasized that the entire value chain of the plastic industry includes equipment manufacturing companies, additive material manufacturers, compounding industries, and, most importantly, trade unions and plastic industry associations.

Abbaszadeh emphasized, "The IranPlast Exhibition is a manifestation of coordination and synergy in the polymer value chain, where all stakeholders in this sector come together to showcase their capabilities, express their expectations, and the National Petrochemical Company is proud to be the host and organizer of this grand event, welcoming all players in the plastic industry."

He continued, "The seventeenth edition of the IranPlast Exhibition takes place at a time when the National Petrochemical Company is focusing on the strategy to complete the value chain, and this event can be a substantial contribution to realizing this strategy."

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