17th Iranplast exhibition Mirros Value Chain Completion Mindset: Offiical

17th Iranplast exhibition Mirros Value Chain Completion Mindset: Offiical
(Monday, September 18, 2023) 11:49

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Emphasizing that the strategy of the petrochemical industry since the beginning of the people's government was to minimize crude sales, director of the 17th Iranplast exhibition said that all can see the reflection of the policies and comprehensive plans of the NPC with special emphasis on completing the value chain of petrochemical products and supporting the development of the downstream industry in the exhibition.



According to NIPNA reporter, In the opening ceremony of the 17th Iranplast International Exhibition, Farid Doosti stated that today the expansion of the petrochemical industry in all areas of human life is obvious; "from medical products to agriculture, food, construction industry and countless other products depend on a strategic and income generating industry with the possibility of creating employment at the national level", he added. 

"An event that had and has the power to attract producers, consumers, technical knowledge holders, universities, economic activists, decision-making managers, and finally the public, can undoubtedly have a direct impact on the upstream and downstream petrochemical industry", Doosti clarified on the reason of holding Iranplast exhibition. 

Pointing out that in line with the breaking of sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran, the 17th Iranplast exhibition hosts more than 210 foreign companies in a space of over 3,000 m3, he said: "300 foreign guests active in different sectors of the petrochemical industry are/will attend; in addition to hold 20 specialized meetings and training workshops, it is a very suitable opportunity for petrochemical industry activists in the country to have maximum interactions through the opportunity provided by the event". 

"More than seven contracts and nine memorandums of understanding will be signed by NPC, so that the Iranian nation will benefit the best and the most from interactions in this industry", director of 17th Iranplast concluded. 


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